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Kindness Beyond The Veil
With Chip Reichenthal

“We’re Here to Enlighten, Not Frighten…HAVE NO FEAR”


Kindness Beyond the Veil with Host Chip Reichenthal is a radio show that takes a unique, ‘kinder’ look at the supernatural, paranormal and metaphysical topics and mysteries. Most of these realms are looked at through a fear-based lens, we shine a light on the love-based side, where benevolent experiences do happen. There’s enough fear in our lives already, so we show the other side of ‘the other side’. Each week, Chip Reichenthal begins the show with his widely hailed Introductory Segment called ‘Chipisms’, packed with historic, cultural and even artistic-flavored information related to the week’s Guest or topic, and for the remainder of the show features Guests who have had direct impact on his 40-plus year search for answers in Paranormal and related realms, all with fascinating and enlightening information. This show aims to offer insights and information geared to fascinate rather than frighten, and you’ll be surprised and even inspired to discover how much within our ‘darkest’ realms and mysteries is positive at heart.

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7 years ago this week, we were Investigating together, appearing at Paracons, discovering wonders. NOW, Matt and Josie Haas are industry legends. Featured on TV Shows like “Paranormal Survivor”, teaching their own para-flavored insights in ‘Paranology’, Matt’s “Strange Oddities” Podcasts are widely hailed, their Haas Paranormal Team is thriving, AND NOW THEY BRING US A ‘HAUNTED OBJECTS MUSEUM’ in Nutley, NJ!!

Jack Elias is a clinical hypnotherapist with a strong background in Eastern philosophy and spiritual practice since 1966.

His passion is helping people conquer their fears, bring real love to their relationships, and find true wealth and success. When he discovered how quick and easy it could be, he was hooked!

Jack says, “I couldn’t imagine a more satisfying life than helping people dissolve their problems. I soon realized that what my spiritual teachers had taught was a kind of therapeutic learning that gives you the magic keys to freedom and joy – described in my book, Finding True Magic.”

In private sessions, since 1988 it has been his good fortune to show thousands of people how to make this process work for them. He has seen clients get profound results in just one private session. You don’t have to turn over your power, or be “suggestible.” You just have to be willing to give it a try.

Jack also offer hypnosis training and hypnotherapy certification through the Institute for Therapeutic Learning, an accredited vocational school I founded in 1988 to train people in Transpersonal Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy NLP.

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