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Are you interested in hosting your own show?

Trim Radio Network went live on March 6, 2021 starting with 5 shows and a desire to air many more.  Our network is dedicated to providing resourceful, informative, and sometimes entertaining shows for all audiences, young and old.  The network schedule is broken down into 6 periods per day.



Morning Prime Time

9am-12pm (noon)


12pm (noon) – 6pm

Prime Time



9pm-12am (midnight)



We currently have time slots available in Morning, Morning Prime Time, Daytime, Evening and Overnight periods for anyone interested in running their show should fill out the form below and our Program Director, Tim Roxbury, will be in touch with you to confirm and start airing your program.  There is a small fee of $12.50 per hour to air your show, which is what covers the expenses for the entire station and to promote your shows.

When you host your own show with Trim Radio Network you will receive the following:

  1. Your desired time slot
  2. Promotional slots on-air for your show
  3. Promotion through the Trim Radio Network social media channels
  4. Inclusion in the weekly email sent to everyone in our database each Monday
  5. An opportunity to sell apparel in the Trim Radio Network shop to cover expenses for your show


Trim Radio Network allows pre-recorded Podcasts as well as live broadcast shows.  Regardless of the show type, we can accommodate your needs at any time of day.  

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